"Transforming lives, one flutter at a time."


We offer three verticals of services for Mental Health 

Butterfly: Treatment Services

Psychometric Assessments

Beehive: Preventive Mental Health Services

Experiential Workshop
Groups & Clubs
Corporate Trainings

Dragonfly: Therapists' Nest

Curated Paid Internships
Need Based Trainings
Peer & Group Supervision

Therapy Hours
Clients Across 10 States
Clients Across 7 Countries
Seminars & Workshops
A butterfly: Signifying the transformation through therapy. Creating safe space for transformation through therapy.


Our vision at Butterfly Psychotherapy Center is to build a safe space where clients and therapists can feel supported and empowered to navigate their mental health journey with authenticity, creativity and compassion. We aim to foster a nurturing environment where healing and growth can flourish.


The Birth of Butterfly Psychotherapy Center
Three years ago, during the pandemic, Ankita weaved the cocoon of the Butterfly Psychotherapy Center. She recognized the importance of building safe spaces in those times of growing demand for mental health services, and increased awareness about relational trauma. She thus, envisioned a place that supports everyone’s mental health journey, including emerging therapists, especially by inculcating the values of authenticity, compassion and creativity.


Inspired by nature and the mythical story of the goddess Psyche in Greek mythology, Ankita was captivated by the profound symbolism of transformation in butterflies. It was this symbolism that led her to name the center as such.

Our Happy Clients!

I used to have anxiety issues which were linked with hunger. My previous therapist was not able to pin point that. When Ankita suspected those issues she asked me to make a meal plan which helped me a lot and my anxiety has been a bit under control since then. Also her approach of getting hang of ADHD first and bot working on anxiety has changed my life in a good way.
P 21 Years old
The therapy process is good. It helped me to understand my personality quite good. It gives me clarity how things work in actual. How I should tackle situations smartly, efficiently and smoothly. I gained some self confidence.
R 36 Years old
I start recognise myself with accurate way. I am able to process my emotions most of the time. It help me to be compassionate with myself. Now I can trust my feelings. I am able to shift my focus being perfect to being myself for myself
V 39 Years old