Therapy & Assessments


Our therapy services prioritize the individual and the process. We take a person-centered and process-oriented approach to therapy, recognizing that each person’s journey is unique. Our assessments are personalized and evidence based, with clear and easily understandable reports. We strive to create a safe and welcoming space where all our clients can feel accepted and heard.

Our therapists are authentic, self-aware, and committed to ongoing learning and unlearning. We believe that by fostering an environment of openness and growth, we can support our clients in achieving their therapeutic goals. ​

Mental Health Professionals Working With Us

Clinical Psychologist

  • M.A./M.Sc. & M.Phil., & Registered Rehabilitation Council of India
  • Diagnose and provide treatment in form of evidence- based therapy for mental illness and emotional disorders
  • Conduct assessments to help with diagnosis
  • Counselling Psychologist

  • M.A./M.Sc. in Psychology and preferably a Diploma
  • Provide therapeutic services to individuals to help them achieve mental and emotional well-being
  • Conduct psychological assessments to have clarity


    Qualified, Certified & Trained Professionals
    Free Introductory Call To Orient You To The Process
    Offline & Online, Weekend Sessions
    Therapists Fluent In Hindi, Marathi & English
    International Clients (No Fee Distinction)
    Sliding Scale For Fees Available

    Our Happy Clients!

    "I have a safe space to vent, discuss my emotions, talk about certain difficult situations"
    SM 22 Years old
    "There are many breakthroughs firstly being the breathing exercises along with some physical exercises which mam suggested had a very big impact on me. Secondly getting clarity on which path to follow career wise was another breakthrough moment and also understanding why and where I get stuck."
    "I was able to accept the person I have become as I came to know the changes in my nature were natural and obvious because of my surroundings."

    Assessment Protocols

    Personality assessment

    Personality Assessment

    Understanding nuances of personality & diagnostic clarification

    Gender Affirmation

    Gender Affirmation

    Detailed assessment for impact areas and letter for gender affirmation surgery 

    Adult ADHD

    Adult ADHD

    Aiding in assessment of ADHD, previously undiagnosed and its impact on functioning 

    Adult Autism

    Adult Autism

    Diagnostic Clarification and understanding of the potential impact it may have on one’s life. 



    Assessment for Diagnosis, Severeity, impact on functioning.

    Career Guidance

    Career Guidance

    Better Understanding of Self and Work World 


    Diagnostic Testing and Evidence Based Assessment Protocols
    Easy-to-understand Reports
    Debriefing Sessions With The Therapist To Address Questions & Understand Findings

    How do I choose services I need?

    Hi there! if you are confused about which mental health professional to approach, take this in- house developed small quiz. There are 14 statements indicating different kinds of experiences anyone can go through. Choose an option based on which statement resonates the most with you now-a-days.

    The quiz is not an indicator of diagnosis. We don't store any of this data or information obtained from this quiz.

    1. Are you currently experiencing distressing emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness, or something else?

    a. Yes, I would rate my distress as below 5 out of 10

    b. Yes, I would rate my distress as above 5 out of 10

    c. No, I am not experiencing any distressing emotions at the moment

    2. Are you experiencing repetitive intrusive thoughts, worrying a lot, or thinking in spirals too much?

    a. Yes, I can somehow manage

    b. Yes, I cannot manage them

    c. No, I am not experiencing these symptoms

    3. Do you find it difficult to begin or maintain chores, work or study? In simple words, "I procrastinate'

    a. Yes, but I somehow manage

    b. Yes, but I just cannot manage

    c. No

    4. Do you find it difficult to perform activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, maintain hygiene or other self-care chores?

    a. Yes, I sometimes time it difficult to perform these activities

    b. Yes, I almost always find it difficult to perform these activities

    c. No, I do not find it difficult to perform these activities

    5. Are you experiencing interpersonal difficulties such as having arguments, fights, feeling misunderstood, etc.?

    a. Yes, I manage but I would like to explore more about it

    b. Yes, it affects me intensely and I am unable to manage it

    c. No, I am not experiencing such difficulties

    6. Have you had thoughts of self- harm or suicide?

    a. Yes, but I think about it when I am frustrated and don't mean to do it

    b. Yes, but I think about it with intention of doing it

    c. No, I don't have such thoughts or intentions

    7. Do you have a history of self- harm or attempting suicide?

    a. Yes, but it was long back

    b. Yes, I currently am experiencing the same

    c. No, I never had an history of the same

    8. Are you seeking to explore the depths of yourself?

    a. Yes, I would love to know myself more to improve my mental health

    b. Yes, I wish to work on myself to help me with my mental illness

    c. No, I don't wish to work on myself

    9. Do you often get confused while making decisions?

    a. Yes, but I can manage and I would like to explore further

    b. Yes, but I rarely am able to make any decisions

    c. No, I am not confused in decision making

    10. Are you finding it difficult to adjust to changes or new situations such as city change, role change, relationship change, etc.?

    a. Yes, I want to explore more on this aspect of myself

    b. Yes, I am never able to adjust and/or this happens with me always

    c. No, I am able to adjust

    11. Are you experiencing intense loss and grief due to losing a relationship, person, pet, or anything else?

    a. Yes, I would like a listening space

    b. Yes, I would like a processing space

    c. No, I am not experiencing any loss

    12. Do you feel dependent on alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, screens, or any other substance or behaviour?

    a. I am unsure, as I sometimes use it for recreation or stress relief

    b. Yes, I am beginning to feel like or I am sure that I am dependent

    c. No, I don't indulge in any of these substance or behaviours

    13. Has your relationship with your body and eating habits not been the best?

    a. Yes, but I manage to cope with it

    b. Yes, but it is difficult to cope with it now

    c. No, I don't feel any such feeling

    Answer Guide:

    ● More than 70% of ‘a’ can indicate need for counselling psychologist

    ● More than 70% of ‘b’ can indicate need for clinical psychologist