Beehive: Preventive Mental Health Services

What are Preventive Mental Health Services?

Collective efforts taken to improve everyone's mental health, regardless of whether they have an illness or not.

In the long term, these efforts are believed to create a healthier community equipped with mental health resources, reduced incidence in mental illnesses, easy access to help, lesser stigma, and better inclusivity.
A Beehive represents collective, collaborative, efficient effort by a colony of bees working relentlessly for the growth and nourishment of each other like our Preventive Mental health services


Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it requires us all to work collaboratively to create a healthier community. 

A Beehive represents collective, collaborative, efficient effort by a colony of bees working relentlessly for the growth and nourishment of each other.

Our Goals With BEEHIVE Services

Identify Areas For Early Interventions
Create Inclusive Spaces & Groups
Curate Skill-Building Programs
Build A Supportive Community With Resources


Our services are curated based on our own identification or the needs you bring to us. Here's what we provide:
Assessments For Preventive Mental Health Needs

We conduct comprehensive assessments to identify and address preventive mental health needs within organizations, including schools, colleges, communities, and offices. Our assessments help create a proactive approach towards mental well-being.

Curated Experiential/Activity-Based Interventions

We design and facilitate engaging experiential and activity-based interventions, both in group and individual settings. These interventions focus on building essential skills to enhance personal growth and resilience.

Addressing Community Demands Through Themed Groups

We respond to community demands by organizing non-therapeutic groups centered around specific themes. These groups cover a diverse range of topics such as grief, relationships, book clubs, movie clubs, and poetry, providing spaces for shared experiences and meaningful connections.


If you have a request or idea for a community mental health need you believe we could help you with, please write to us at:


"Yes....the webinar did effectively communicate the concept of reflection and its significance. Very often I do overthink...indulge in self blame and don't consciously sit down for a while to reflect I hope practicing this could be a great way to figure out things and take actions more effectively. "
"Getting to the roots of the emotions is very important and I feel that this technique can let me do that. The webinar was well designed"
"Thankyou Pranita ma'am for that insightful session! It's a good technique that I learnt today and would like to implement. Special thanks to Ankita ma'am for this workshop, Amruta ma'am for the technical support! Would like to have more sessions on varied topics. Thankyou Butterfly Psychotherapy !!!"


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