A Halloween Mixer for Psychologists

In the world of psychology, where professionals are dedicated to understanding the intricacies of the human mind and emotions, and creating safe spaces for others, they might feel lonely and find it difficult to find safe spaces for them to talk about their perspectives and experiences beyond theory and academics. 

However, at the Butterfly Psychotherapy Center Pune, an innovative and thought-provoking Halloween mixer with a unique theme has successfully bridged this gap. In an evening filled with fun, games, empathy, and compassion, psychologists took a brave step and decided to dress up as their fears. Private practice psychologists with diverse backgrounds, including child psychologists and individuals who transitioned from HR to counselling psychology after a proper training, joined us for this event.


Halloween mixers are known for their costumes and spooky themes, but the Butterfly Psychotherapy Center Pune took a different route. Their Halloween mixer’s costume theme was “Dress up as your fears,” challenging the psychologists to share their own inner fears to provide them the space to just be themselves and look within. This unique approach encouraged participants to delve deep into their own psyches and share their most profound fears with their peers in a safe environment.

We observed that colors of the costume played a crucial part in representing one’s fears. A psychologist wore all black costume and reasoned it as her fear of ‘dark’ times in her life, when she was grappling with mental health issues. Another therapist dressed all red and shared that she is scared of being a ‘red flag’ in someone’s life. Our digital media manager wore the color blue and explained that it represented her fear of being unable to speak her own mind. Yet another therapist interpreted the zebra stripes as her fear of being caught in dichotomous “all or none” thinking.


The evening proceeded with a burst of laughter and excitement as psychologists engaged in a game of Pictionary. However, this was not your typical Pictionary game; it had a unique twist. The drawings and guesses revolved around complex psychological concepts, sparking interesting discussions and insights. As the game progressed, it was evident that the psychologists were not only having fun but also sharing their ideas and experiences around the words coming up in the game. 

One of the key terms discussed was “attachment,” with the psychologist emphasizing the vital connection and attachment bond between caregivers and children, which plays a pivotal role throughout their lives. The psychologist also highlighted the significance of parents comprehending this crucial bond.

Another term explored was “repression.” The therapist not only delved into its origins in Freudian theory as a defense mechanism but also offered a fascinating perspective on repression in modern times. She discussed how it can be viewed from a sociocultural standpoint, where repression might manifest consciously or unconsciously as individuals step back, hold back, or modify certain behaviors or emotions due to societal norms or personal beliefs about acceptability.


While the Halloween mixer was filled with light-hearted moments, the most remarkable part of the evening was the poignant conversation that occurred when therapists and psychologists were asked to share something they never wanted to face in a therapy setting. This exercise encouraged a level of vulnerability and authenticity that is rarely seen in the field of psychology.

As psychologists bravely shared their fears, several common themes emerged. Many professionals expressed the deep emotional toll associated with the death by suicide of a client, shedding light on the complex emotions, the professional perspective, and its effects on their personal lives. Another fear was around helping clients navigate grief, particularly when it involved very young children coping with the loss of a parent, and the challenging processes involved. Additionally, there were concerns related to safety during therapy sessions, stemming from potential encounters with violence, as well as gender-specific fears that some female psychologists shared in light of the unique challenges they might encounter in their field.

One of the most heartening outcomes of the mixer was the sense of unity it fostered among the participants. By sharing their fears in a safe and supportive environment, psychologists discovered that they were not alone in their apprehensions. In fact, they found comfort in the understanding that their colleagues were grappling with similar concerns. This sense of connection and community was a significant takeaway from the evening.


The Butterfly Psychotherapy Center Pune’s Halloween mixer was an exceptional event that challenged the norms of the psychological profession. By encouraging psychologists to confront their fears, share their vulnerabilities, and find unity in their shared experiences, it promoted personal and professional growth. This unique event was a powerful reminder that, in their quest to help others, psychologists also need a space which is beyond just academics and theory where they can just be and open up about their real time experiences.

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