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The Burrow: Offline Group Therapy Sessions on "Loneliness"


Butterfly Psychotherapy Center, Pune, invites individuals on a path towards healing and growth to join our upcoming series of group sessions facilitated by Psychologist Ms. Shraddha Ashokan. These sessions aim to create a nurturing space for individuals to connect with like-minded peers, fostering healing and understanding around the theme of ‘Loneliness’.

Session Details:

  • Topic: Loneliness
  • Duration: 7 sessions spread over one and a half months; each session is one hour.
  • Group Size: Up to 8 individuals per group
  • Medium: Offline sessions
  • Fees: Complete series priced at 7000 INR;        Early bird discount available for registrations before 25th December 2023
  • Address: Sakal Nagar, Pune. 
 About the facilitator: 
Shraddha Ashokan is a dedicated professional with three years of experience in working with a renowned school in Pune as a counselor. Armed with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, she brings years of invaluable experience to her role. Shraddha’s expertise extends beyond the academic realm, with a wealth of hands-on experience gained through multiple internships and active participation in various workshops. Her forte lies in conducting impactful group sessions, where her passion for fostering positive mental health truly shines.

Your participation in these sessions promises an enriching and supportive experience, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of loneliness and its resolution within a compassionate and understanding community.

Thank you for considering this journey with us at Butterfly Psychotherapy Center. We look forward to supporting your growth and healing together.

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