Webinar: Reflection Looking Into the Mirror of Mind

On 29th July, we conducted our first webinar under Preventive Mental Health Services Program on ‘Reflection: Looking Into the Mirror of Mind.’ This one-hour webinar was designed to enable participants to learn the art of reflecting into their life experiences in a more meaningful way. The webinar was held among an intimate group of 7 participants from various walks of lives. The participants were guided through the understanding of art of reflection & it’s significance in personal & professional lives. Several small activities & engaging conversations directed the flow of the session.

The session was facilitated by Ms. Pranita Date (Assistant Psychologist) and with her expertise, she was able to foster a safe space for participants to express themselves authentically. 

Participant Feedbacks

"Thankyou Pranita ma'am for that insightful session! It's a good technique that I learnt today and would like to implement. Special thanks to Ankita ma'am for this workshop, Amruta ma'am for the technical support! Would like to have more sessions on varied topics ... Thankyou Butterfly Psychotherapy !!!"
"Getting to the roots of the emotions is very important and I feel that this technique can let me do that. The webinar was well designed"
""Yes....the webinar did effectively communicate the concept of reflection and its significance. Very often I do overthink...indulge in self blame and don't consciously sit down for a while to reflect ...so I hope practicing this could be a great way to figure out things and take actions more effectively. "."

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