Join our team as a  Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Registered with RCI) at Butterfly Psychotherapy Center, Pune.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. M.Phil. Clinical Psychology, Registered with RCI
2. Minimum 3000 hours of therapy including M.Phil. training. 
3. Therapy Approach: Inclination and some training in Process Oriented and Trauma focused therapy. 
4. Clinician should be well versed with Psycho-diagnostic Assessments
For Offline sessions only

During Selection Process:

1. The candidates will be shortlisted based on the example Case report and Statement of purpose submitted with this registration form. 
2. The shortlisted candidates will be going through three rounds of interview: Technical Interview, Personal Interview and HR Interview. After each round of interview further shortlisting will take place.

Interested candidates can apply by following the Google Form to the Application Form. Click here.

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